Daring to express oneself with music

apprendre la musique à Tanger

The piano in adulthood

Starting the piano as an adult
There is no doubt that playing the piano as an adult requires a certain amount of courage and energy

If you don’t dream of becoming a piano star in three years, but if you dream of enjoying yourself, of living the music and your musical gift to the fullest, then maybe it’s time to get started.

5 reasons to learn piano as an adult
  • Live the joy of making music
  • Discover your body differently
  • Take a moment for yourself, only for you
  • Feel the music come into you and manage to tame it
  • Play small musical works in front of your friends

The piano is really within everyone’s reach, it depends of each to choose how to approach it
Sabine Steffan teaches with a classical base both for the positioning of the body and hands, as well as for learning. Yet you do not need to know solfeggio, because you will learn it at the same time as the instrument.

Reprendre le piano à l'âge adulte

Get back to her piano
If you go on the Internet, you realize that more and more adult piano classes are being offered, not much is said about false beginners. these adults who have practiced piano when they were children are returning to music once they are adults. This is a common practice in Scandinavian countries or in Canada, for example.

It is a recognized source of equibook and well-being. Because in adulthood the piano is made with a more serene vision.

As a certified music therapist, and as a musician Sabine Steffan has met many people who have joined the music world sometimes late, and for their own good, that’s why she decided, after the Covid crisis, to open its classes to adults who wish to resume piano lessons.
Interpretation of works

Express and make sensitive a musical work, preparation for concerts
It is not as a pianist that Sabine Steffan speaks during these sessions, but as an artist and musician of high level.
The presentation of a piece requires a musical vision of the style but also a knowledge of the time, of the resources of the piano and the score, and of course, of the many traditions around the interpretations.


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