Graduate professor of the International Conservatory of Parma in Italy

Sabine Steffan, professeur de piano

Musician and Professor-Researcher in Pedagogy and didactic

Pedagogy for children around music is no longer the same, fortunately, that there is only 20 or 30 years! And fortunately great Masters have been there, like Montessori or Freinet for the school pedagogy. This now allows the child to live serenely his learning and the teacher to have a methodology, within the scope of each child and every form of intelligence.

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  • Didactic and pedagogy

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    The venue for piano and singing lessons

    The classes take place in a music salon, exclusively dedicated to music.
    The main piano is a Weinbach from the famous Baron house in Toulouse.

    Sabine Steffan, professeur de piano

    About Master Jintoku

    A great Master, an admirable pedagogue

    The teaching of the piano is done with a method based on the instinctive and bodily learning of the piano and music..

    Sabine Steffan,

    Answers 8 questions about Art therapy

    In her practice of art, Sabine Steffan, musicotherapist and art therapist for 30 years, keeps her vision of a free and creative child

    Around children

    Online materials and online course materials are available to support the child’s creativity and learning.

    Musical practice at home

    The classes can be supported by a practice at home, under certain conditions, the child is accompanied by video advice and audios to work the instrument.


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