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faire de la musique à la maison avec un xylophone

Musical awakening at home

Musical awakening with parents
From time immemorial the awakening of the child to sounds and music passes first through the parents. Already during pregnancy the child is sensitive to music and songs, especially when these are produced by the parents who thus enter into symbiosis with baby.
After the birth, the mother can and should as much as possible maintain this contact of sweetness and nurturing complicity.

Very early in the life of the young child the instructions and the codes of socialization arrive, the child no longer has this unique and unconditional feeling of complicity.

Parents who do not know music often ask themselves «how to do it? I am not a musician»!
Often parents do not realize everything they know! They think it is necessary to know where the complicity and some easy games help to develop the musicality of the children and the joy of the parents.

Here are some ideas
Sing nursery rhymes and songs with your child. They are available everywhere on the web and in audio media for sale in department stores, but be careful, learn them first and sing them yourself to your child. He will gain confidence, serenity and will feel concerned by this learning which will be a game for him.

For very young children
Put on one of her favorite songs, a fairly rhythmic music if possible and give her a sound massage, taking her hands, feet, shoulders… indicate small rhythms of sound in the form of light friction more or less fast or slow, small caresses very soft while making different figures on the hands: circles, comings and goings, dotted... He will then make the relation «rhythm - body» and «body melody»: he will gain later by knowing that the rhythm is different from the melody and it will be anchored in him.

For 2/3 year old children:
Learn a dance together by giving very simple instructions at the beginning, all by striking rhythms with feet and hands, by moving on one side or the other, the child will become aware of the space and the sound differences between the sounds and the rhythms struck. It will develop its sensory and sound acuity.

The magic wire
Put a visible wire on the floor and walk your child by following the wire and listening to music in which the times are well marked. As the sessions take place, your child will become more and more autonomous. Your child will develop his or her attention and concentration and become aware of his or her instinctive grounding.

Parents often make musical awakening to their children without knowing it, becoming aware of their own musical qualities and passing them on to their children is an additional guaranteeto the success of your workshops at home!


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