Sabine Steffan

An international career path

Trained in Italy at the International Conservatory of Parma, Sabine Steffan, already a young musician, successfully obtained her higher degrees in lyric singing, vocal pedagogy and literature./p>

Awarded with several gold medals and mentions of excellence during the passage of her diplomas she will improve in Modena with Maestro Pola, (master of Pavarotti and Mirella Freni) who will lead her at the international level.

Crowned best young Italian talent, she will be recognized by international critics as «one of the great French sopranos». It is in Parma that she gives her first concerts and participates in numerous vocal and musical events in the most prestigious places.

When she returned to France in 1994, it was to work with Madame Cadet of the Paris which will help him to train in the discipline of the art of the French Melody. It was at this time that his international concert career began

Her language training allows her to sing in more than 9 languages. It is expressed throughout Europe, South America, Central America, Canada …

She now lives between Europe and Morocco where she has engaged with young talents from all backgrounds and cultures. She is heading towards new experiences where Bel canto and Arabo-Andalusian singing will cross paths with Moroccan musicians.

His wish is to form in Morocco an incubator of very young talents who, during their higher education, both abroad and in Morocco, will have had the enrichment of a high-level artistic discipline and who knows, perhaps some ofthey will be able to participate in the influence of their country as Moroccan artists.


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